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One of the leading luxury and fashion brands in the world, since 1985 has been giving life to an all-Italian dream made up of craftsmanship, tailoring tradition, Mediterranean culture, innovative instinct and a pinch of irony.


Since its establishment, Dolce&Gabbana supports the enhancement of the artistic, cultural and historical heritage of Italy, showcasing and promoting the excellence of the craftsmen of the Country and their innovative instinct across the world: a priceless treasure that needs to be preserved from the wear of time, inevitably intertwining with the history, culture and traditions of the peninsula.

For the great exhibition Imagining the future. Leonardo da Vinci: in the mind of an Italian genius, Dolce&Gabbana once again crosses the Italian borders to bring the beauty of the Belpaese, its courage in taking chances and entrepreneurial spirit, the know-how of the best tradition and the yearning for a modern Renaissance, overseas in a great celebration of the ultimate genius, Leonardo.

Exceptionally lent from the Biblioteca Ambrosiana, who received it as a gift to commemorate the fifth century since the death of Leonardo, the Chiaravalle tower clock will be on display. A unique Dolce&Gabbana Alta Orologeria creation inspired by the complex astronomical machine of the Chiaravalle abbey completed according to the intuitions of the Renaissance genius illustrated on the pages of his Codex Atlanticus. This valuable artistic and cultural work is accompanied by other watchmaking creations by Dolce&Gabbana inspired by Italian history, echoing Leonardo and his mechanical and astronomical studies and the marvel of the tables of the Codex: a relationship between intuition and mastery. Highlighting, once again, that there will always be something that the mind and hands of men will be able to do better than any machine: creating beauty that endures, nourishes and blossoms.

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