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Trenitalia, the lead company of the FS Group Passenger Business Unit, moves people and connects them to culture, in full respect of social and environmental sustainability and tourism promotion.


The Polo Passeggeri Business Unit, of which Trenitalia is the leading company, has as its objective, enshrined in the new industrial plan of the FS Group to 2032, the creation of a multimodal business proposal whose advantage is that of exploiting the merits of the various modes, to have transport integrated, economical, reliable and sustainable with an offer that is increasingly personalized and attentive to the needs of individual passengers according to the principles of environmental, social and governance sustainability.

Innovation and digitization are strategic levers for achieving the ambitious objectives of the Business Plan and Trenitalia is constantly committed to enhancing its vehicles and offering customers an increasingly door-to-door service. In this sense, the investments for high-speed vehicles stand out, for the Intercity night trains, which cover long distances from the north to the south of the Italian peninsula, and for the renewal of the regional fleet for passenger transport, purchased in part with Green Bonds, which will contribute to guaranteeing more energy-efficient vehicles for the territories. The Blues train, for example, the latest to join Trenitalia fleet, is the new hybrid train designed and built by Hitachi Rail and represents an important evolution of the current diesel trains in service in Italy thanks to hybrid technology, with electric pantograph and batteries, which translates into cutting-edge performance. The new technology makes it possible to guarantee a reduction of up to 50% in fuel consumption and the Blues materials guarantee high levels of recyclability (95%) together with the use of recycled raw materials. Interpreting the “spirit of Leonardo”, for Trenitalia, means not only focusing on increasingly efficient trains but also improving the travel experience during stops, movements in the station and in neighboring places, for booking and managing tickets, in relationship between the traveler and everything that revolves around his travels. With this in mind, Trenitalia is also investing in maintenance systems, focusing on the development of predictive maintenance technologies to ensure high levels of reliability, productivity, and efficiency. Among the reasons that pushed Trenitalia to participate in the project is that of having Frecciarossa as its spearhead: Made in Italy excellence which, thanks to elements such as the interior fittings, the work of the Italian designer Bertone, and the restaurant service on board that offers the best of hospitality and Italian cuisine, Frecciarossa is not just a train, but represents a typical experience of the Italian lifestyle, of “living in the Italian style”. Trenitalia is the protagonist of the mobility of the future: it connects the country and Europe in a sustainable and safe way, carrying people with a unique experience.